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Flight MAC130354

  • Submitted By: Peter Goodman
  • Departure Airport: Doha International Airport (OTBD)
  • Arrival Airport: Barcelona International Airport (LEBL)
  • Aircraft: A330-200 (QTR-A332)
  • Flight Time: 07.45.54
  • Date Submitted: 15/01/2018
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(214 load / $ 518.75 per unit
$ 111, 012.50
Fuel Cost:
(15703.8 fuel used @ 0.5 / unit)
$ 7, 851.90

Additional Log Information:

FS[04:57z] ----- Flight Opened -----
FS[04:57z] MACARS -
FS[04:57z] FS: FSX
FS[04:57z] FSUIPC: v4.971
FS[04:57z] Flight Number: MAC130354
FS[04:57z] FS Aircraft: Airbus A330-200 Austrian Airlines - Rik14
FS[04:57z] FS Model: A332
FS[04:57z] FS Type: AIRBUS
FS[04:57z] Departure: OTBD
FS[04:57z] Arrival: LEBL
FS[04:57z] Flight Level: 38000
FS[04:57z] Flight Type: P
FS[04:57z] Passengers: 214
FS[04:57z] FOB: 103159 lbs
FS[04:57z] Distance to Departure: 0.66 miles
FS[04:57z] Gate: 3 - OTBD
FS[04:57z] Crash Detection Aircraft: Disabled
FS[04:57z] Engines: 2 Jet
FS[04:57z] NOTE: Boarding has started
FS[04:57z] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[04:57z] Flaps: Position 0
FS[04:57z] Light Data: Beacon ON
FS[04:57z] Main Door Closed
FS[04:57z] NAV1: 113.70
FS[04:57z] NAV2: 110.60
FS[04:57z] Navigation Mode: NAV
FS[04:57z] Light Data: Strobe lights ON
FS[04:57z] Light Data: Navigation ON
FS[04:58z] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[04:58z] Light Data: Taxi lights ON
FS[04:58z] Light Data: Logo lights ON
FS[04:58z] Engine 1: Started
FS[04:58z] Engine 2: Started
FS[04:59z] NOTE: Pushing back
FS[04:59z] Parking Brake: Released
FS[05:01z] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[05:03z] Flaps: Position 1
FS[05:05z] NOTE: ----- TAKE OFF -----
FS[05:05z] Speed Data: 155 knots GS | 162 knots TAS | 162 knots IAS | 65 fpm VS
FS[05:05z] FOB: 102179 lbs
FS[05:05z] Heading: 334° | Pitch: 5° | Bank: 0°
FS[05:05z] Aircraft Weight: 357921.16 lbs
FS[05:05z] Nearest Airport: OTBD | 0.70 miles
FS[05:05z] Runway: 34 - OTBD
FS[05:05z] Ground Surface: Asphalt
FS[05:05z] Ground Condition: Normal
FS[05:05z] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[05:05z] Wind 257° | 22 knots
FS[05:05z] OAT: 11° C | TAT: 15° C | Precipitation: None | Dew Point: 1° C
FS[05:05z] Visibility: 37 miles
FS[05:05z] METAR: OTBD 142300Z 00000KT 5000 BR NSC 15/13 Q1017 TEMPO 3000
FS[05:05z] NOTE: Climb started
FS[05:05z] View Mode: Cockpit
FS[05:05z] Landing Gear: Retracted
FS[05:05z] Speed Data: 173 knots GS | 190 knots TAS | 188 knots IAS | 4989 fpm VS
FS[05:05z] Altitude Data: 768 ft AGL | 800 ft AMSL
FS[05:05z] Flaps: Position 0
FS[05:05z] Speed Data: 174 knots GS | 191 knots TAS | 189 knots IAS | 4847 fpm VS
FS[05:05z] Autopilot: Engaged
FS[05:05z] Altitude Data: 1211 ft AGL | 1243 ft AMSL
FS[05:06z] Navigation Mode: GPS
FS[05:10z] Light Data: Taxi lights OFF
FS[05:10z] Light Data: Landing lights OFF
FS[05:10z] Altitude Data: 10115 ft AGL | 10213 ft AMSL
FS[05:11z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[05:19z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[05:26z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[05:34z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[05:38z] NOTE: TOC reached
FS[05:38z] NOTE: Cruise started
FS[05:38z] Speed Data: 361 knots GS | 373 knots TAS | 208 knots IAS | 199 fpm VS
FS[05:38z] FOB: 97925 lbs
FS[05:38z] Heading: 304° | Pitch: 3° | Bank: 0°
FS[05:38z] Aircraft Weight: 353667.28 lbs
FS[05:42z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[05:49z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[05:57z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:05z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:12z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:20z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:27z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:35z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:43z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:50z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[06:58z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:05z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:13z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:21z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:28z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:36z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:44z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:51z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[07:59z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[08:06z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[08:14z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[08:22z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[08:29z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[08:37z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[08:45z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[08:52z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:00z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:07z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:15z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:23z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:30z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:38z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:45z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[09:53z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:01z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:08z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:16z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:24z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:31z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:39z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:46z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[10:54z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:02z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:09z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:17z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:24z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:32z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:40z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:47z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[11:55z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[12:03z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[12:10z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[12:11z] FS: Paused
FS[12:11z] FS: Unpaused
FS[12:11z] NOTE: TOD reached
FS[12:11z] NOTE: Descent started
FS[12:11z] Speed Data: 367 knots GS | 373 knots TAS | 211 knots IAS | -1748 fpm VS
FS[12:11z] FOB: 71347 lbs
FS[12:11z] Heading: 282° | Pitch: 0° | Bank: 0°
FS[12:11z] Aircraft Weight: 327088.66 lbs
FS[12:18z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[12:26z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[12:26z] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[12:26z] Altitude Data: 9691 ft AGL | 9691 ft AMSL
FS[12:26z] Light Data: Taxi lights ON
FS[12:26z] Light Data: Taxi lights OFF
FS[12:28z] NAV1: 111.50
FS[12:30z] NOTE: On approach
FS[12:31z] Navigation Mode: NAV
FS[12:33z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[12:41z] Recovery: Flight Saved
FS[12:45z] Flaps: Position 1
FS[12:45z] Speed Data: 215 knots GS | 213 knots TAS | 203 knots IAS | 3 fpm VS
FS[12:45z] Flaps: Position 2
FS[12:45z] Speed Data: 207 knots GS | 206 knots TAS | 196 knots IAS | 50 fpm VS
FS[12:46z] Flaps: Position 3
FS[12:46z] Speed Data: 194 knots GS | 192 knots TAS | 186 knots IAS | -1002 fpm VS
FS[12:47z] Flaps: Position 4
FS[12:47z] Speed Data: 184 knots GS | 178 knots TAS | 173 knots IAS | -935 fpm VS
FS[12:48z] Landing Gear: Extended
FS[12:48z] Speed Data: 171 knots GS | 159 knots TAS | 157 knots IAS | -840 fpm VS
FS[12:48z] Altitude Data: 1282 ft AGL | 1282 ft AMSL
FS[12:49z] Autopilot: Disengaged
FS[12:49z] Altitude Data: 465 ft AGL | 465 ft AMSL
FS[12:50z] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[12:50z] Landing Rate: -193.01 fpm
FS[12:50z] Speed Data: 136 knots GS | 134 knots TAS | 134 knots IAS | -193 fpm VS
FS[12:50z] FOB: 68511 lbs
FS[12:50z] Heading: 250° | Pitch: 4° | Bank: 0°
FS[12:50z] Aircraft Weight: 324254.00 lbs
FS[12:50z] Nearest Airport: LEBL | 0.84 miles
FS[12:50z] Runway: 25L - LEBL
FS[12:50z] Ground Surface: Asphalt
FS[12:50z] Ground Condition: Normal
FS[12:50z] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[12:50z] Wind 345° | 22 knots
FS[12:50z] OAT: 10° C | TAT: 12° C | Precipitation: None | Dew Point: 0° C
FS[12:50z] Visibility: 327 miles
FS[12:50z] METAR: LEBL 150730Z 32012KT 9999 SCT035 05/02 Q1024 NOSIG
FS[12:50z] View Mode: Cockpit
FS[12:50z] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[12:51z] Flaps: Position 2
FS[12:51z] Flaps: Position 1
FS[12:52z] NOTE: Arrived
FS[12:52z] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[12:52z] Engine 1: Stopped
FS[12:52z] Engine 2: Stopped
FS[12:52z] Light Data: Strobe lights OFF
FS[12:52z] Light Data: Beacon OFF
FS[12:52z] Light Data: Navigation OFF
FS[12:52z] Light Data: Landing lights OFF
FS[12:52z] Light Data: Logo lights OFF
FS[12:52z] Distance to Arrival: 0.53 miles
FS[12:52z] Gate: n/a
FS[12:52z] NOTE: Flight Completed
FS[12:52z] FS Aircraft: Airbus A330-200 Austrian Airlines - Rik14
FS[12:52z] FS Model: A332
FS[12:52z] FS Type: AIRBUS
FS[12:52z] FOB: 68328 lbs
FS[12:52z] Fuel Used: 34621 lbs
FS[12:52z] Flight Time: 07:45:54
FS[12:52z] Flight Time (Dawn): 00:00:00
FS[12:52z] Flight Time (Day): 07:45:54
FS[12:52z] Flight Time (Dusk): 00:00:00
FS[12:52z] Flight Time (Night): 00:00:00
FS[12:52z] Total Landings: 1
FS[12:52z] MaxSim Rate: 0x
FS[12:52z] MACARS -
FS[12:52z] ----- Flight Closed -----


Commenter Comment
Peter Goodman I put in the correct fuel that was calculated on (A330 - Eham to OTBD) = 102961lb fuel. I understand that there is too much fuel on board at landing but I'm only doing what it says on the forum by using to find my "correct" amount of fuel to put in my aircraft for each flight.
Eric Grindstaff No worries Peter. For an aircraft that size it's not bad. And the variance between payware and freeware and default in regards to fuel burn is huge. But thanks for the heads up.

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