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KSFO Information

Hub ICAO: KSFO Airport Name: San Francisco International Airport KSFO
Latitude: 37.619 Longtitude: -122.375


KSFO Statistics

Number of Pilots: 71
Number of Flights Flown: 354
Number of Routes Flown From KSFO: 2914
Total Miles Flown: 615825nm
Total Hours Flown: 1484
Total Fuel Used: 4473992lbs

Pilot Roster for KSFO

PID Name Rank Flights Hours
MAC0016 United States Jeff Hoffman First Officer 29 60.27
MAC0017 United States Bill Podolak First Officer 114 158.16
MAC0033 United States Guillermo Casillas Pilot In Training 11 20.22
MAC0034 United States Rama Lahori ATP Captain 257 824.48
MAC0037 United States Richard Auger Pilot In Training 3 3.42
MAC0038 United Kingdom Mark Wosik First Officer 24 59.14
MAC0047 Canada Carl Blundon Senior Captain 76 117.47
MAC0076 United Kingdom Matt Hill ATP First Officer 340 480.03
MAC0094 Canada John Speers First Officer 16 27.48
MAC0113 New Zealand James Mitchell Pilot In Training 7 6.34
MAC0121 United States Terry Hanley Pilot In Training 2 2.01
MAC0148 South Africa Deon Jonker Pilot In Training 7 4.36
MAC0162 United States Brian Corwin Pilot In Training 3 3.06
MAC0168 United States Joseph White Commercial First Officer 102 272.18
MAC0177 Turkey Levent Oner Pilot In Training 13 24.25
MAC0183 United States Richard Baker ATP Senior Captain 670 1598.13
MAC0194 United States Celso Otero Senior Captain 26 109.55
MAC0199 United States MARCELLO TAMBURRINO Pilot In Training 1 1.18
MAC0202 Canada Riley Towe Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0203 United States Connor Hulscher Commercial Captain 103 413.54
MAC0204 United States Javon Ross Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0210 United States Joseba Aguirrezabal Pilot In Training 1 1.05
MAC0211 Ghana Hussein Al Sayyed Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0212 United States John Stub First Officer 21 37.12
MAC0215 United States Joanna Horosky Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0222 United States John Simon Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0231 United Kingdom Martin Brown Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0241 Australia William Bufton Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0242 United States Brandon Shaw Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0246 United States Connor Finnerty Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0249 United States Josh Simmons Senior Captain 27 100.55
MAC0252 Australia Barry Taylor Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0254 United States Ron Gregory Commercial Captain 221 384.41
MAC0267 United States Alex Knisely Commercial First Officer 41 207.12
MAC0269 United States Don Mathisen Pilot In Training 5 13.22
MAC0271 Belgium Emiel Smekens Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0273 United States Joshua Rincon Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0274 United States Kevin Roldan Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0281 United States Mike Timmer Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0289 United Kingdom Dylan Cope Pilot In Training 4 4.46
MAC0294 United States Jack Howard Pilot In Training 6 12.18
MAC0295 United States William Cole Pilot In Training 4 9.18
MAC0301 United Kingdom Hugo Clark Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0304 United States Jim Cruse Senior Captain 105 130.01
MAC0310 Australia Luke Pearce First Officer 30 48.32
MAC0320 Ireland Conor Chaney Pilot In Training 4 3.48
MAC0335 Saint Kitts And Nevis Emris Forbes First Officer 19 59.26
MAC0343 United States Brian Spidle Commercial First Officer 110 242.38
MAC0361 United States Francisco Espinal Pilot In Training 1 2.42
MAC0366 United States Justin Craig Pilot In Training 2 1.21
MAC0368 Turkey Mehmet ZABUN Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0373 United States Miles Lima Pilot In Training 2 0.46
MAC0382 Germany Pascal Reinartz Pilot In Training 2 6.43
MAC0383 United Kingdom Doug Mason Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0385 Barbados Michael Walker Pilot In Training 4 10.21
MAC0387 United States Scott Pritts Pilot In Training 4 14.05
MAC0388 United States Leopold Gilmartin Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0390 United States Brett Lucas Captain 27 108.09
MAC0396 Norway Bob Lynx Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0401 Afghanistan Zane Greenwald Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0402 Belgium Patrick Ringal Pilot In Training 13 13.55
MAC0405 United States William Weed Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0410 United Kingdom Darren Hayles Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0412 Australia Ian Buchanan First Officer 48 59.38
MAC0425 United Kingdom Stephen Champion Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0433 United States Ken Robinson Pilot In Training 2 2.58
MAC0435 United States David Blutas Pilot In Training 8 16.41
MAC0437 United States Lukasz Bogusz Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0438 United States Patrick Woods Pilot In Training 2 2.34
MAC0439 United States Alan Schmitt Pilot In Training 0 0.00

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