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KPHX Information

Hub ICAO: KPHX Airport Name: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport KPHX
Latitude: 33.4343 Longtitude: -112.012


KPHX Statistics

Number of Pilots: 56
Number of Flights Flown: 682
Number of Routes Flown From KPHX: 5890
Total Miles Flown: 270884nm
Total Hours Flown: 1175
Total Fuel Used: 1071979lbs

Pilot Roster for KPHX

PID Name Rank Flights Hours
MAC0002 United States Eric Grindstaff ATP First Officer 132 455.06
MAC0022 South Africa Shaune Oosthuizen Pilot In Training 11 20.08
MAC0023 United States Oscar Ortega Commercial First Officer 61 239.35
MAC0025 United States Nels Peterson Pilot In Training 1 3.37
MAC0032 United States Charles Trenk Pilot In Training 3 5.48
MAC0069 United States Jay Barrett Pilot In Training 6 9.34
MAC0071 United States Daryl Selby Senior Captain 62 221.00
MAC0079 United States Paul Boyer Pilot In Training 3 4.59
MAC0082 United States Matthew Harmon Pilot In Training 2 1.37
MAC0092 United States William McGlaughon Pilot In Training 10 8.58
MAC0106 United States Gregory Daughdrill Pilot In Training 9 7.44
MAC0108 United States Larry Jourden Pilot In Training 6 7.00
MAC0125 Canada John Exel First Officer 65 50.11
MAC0160 United States Joseph Andujar Senior Captain 273 639.25
MAC0161 United States Chris Randolph First Officer 25 52.44
MAC0176 United States David Hart First Officer 7 27.36
MAC0193 Australia Nick Falcione Senior Captain 111 111.37
MAC0196 United States Joseph McElwaine Pilot In Training 3 3.34
MAC0198 United States Amos Waterbury Pilot In Training 1 1.20
MAC0214 United States Robert Neveau Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0216 United States Clayton Yosten Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0239 United States Remington Box Pilot In Training 2 3.22
MAC0243 United States Tyler Sefferino Captain 79 98.16
MAC0244 Israel HILLEL UZIEL Pilot In Training 16 22.56
MAC0245 United States Vincent VanPaepeghem Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0255 United States Rick Peabody Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0256 Canada Randy Wood Pilot In Training 1 0.35
MAC0257 United States Norman Swanson Senior Captain 235 418.00
MAC0259 United States Tom Lorenz Captain 48 94.54
MAC0260 United States David Gaskill First Officer 26 38.53
MAC0261 United States Michael Mooney Senior Captain 59 112.47
MAC0268 United States Tarek Mackler Commercial Captain 145 308.59
MAC0270 United States Andrew Jaschke Commercial First Officer 97 223.44
MAC0277 Norway Matthew Thierens Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0282 United States James Maxwell Pilot In Training 3 4.29
MAC0285 Switzerland Jan Imhof Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0288 United States Rex Phillips Pilot In Training 1 0.52
MAC0292 Sweden Markus Vähäkuopus Pilot In Training 4 6.32
MAC0293 United States Alec Drewry Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0297 United States Scott McLaurin Pilot In Training 2 2.54
MAC0305 United States Wyatt Beard Pilot In Training 1 1.39
MAC0307 United States Jayden Boudreau Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0312 United States Beau Rice First Officer 91 175.44
MAC0316 United States Ryan Long Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0318 United States Jeffry Frawley Pilot In Training 9 9.16
MAC0319 United States Jeff Stoermer First Officer 15 34.12
MAC0323 United States Bob Thomas Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0332 United States Chris Bickel Pilot In Training 7 8.10
MAC0353 United States Joseph Harp Senior Captain 87 173.28
MAC0355 United States Steven Malyuk Pilot In Training 2 2.51
MAC0358 United States Zachary Contrabasso Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0362 United States John Burnett First Officer 15 28.45
MAC0365 United States Joseph Ellois Pilot In Training 1 0.40
MAC0367 United States Bryan Dulog Captain 26 82.43
MAC0371 United States David Benge Pilot In Training 4 7.10
MAC0375 United Kingdom Steve Frampton Pilot In Training 2 2.40

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