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KATL Information

Hub ICAO: KATL Airport Name: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport KATL
Latitude: 33.6367 Longtitude: -84.4281


KATL Statistics

Number of Pilots: 94
Number of Flights Flown: 590
Number of Routes Flown From KATL: 6358
Total Miles Flown: 464993nm
Total Hours Flown: 1312
Total Fuel Used: 4152164lbs

Pilot Roster for KATL

PID Name Rank Flights Hours
MAC0010 Canada Abrar Ahmed ATP First Officer 190 646.04
MAC0018 United States Todd Cox Pilot In Training 30 37.40
MAC0021 United States Curtis Adams ATP First Officer 153 525.29
MAC0027 Honduras Juan Fernando Aviles First Officer 18 50.35
MAC0031 United States Oshane Dawkins First Officer 231 581.31
MAC0041 United States John Miller First Officer 15 27.51
MAC0042 United States Jaquez Torian Pilot In Training 4 5.34
MAC0052 United States Aaron Britt Commercial Captain 246 459.32
MAC0055 United States Corey Mallon ATP First Officer 177 442.48
MAC0056 United States Michael Pessalano ATP Senior Captain 448 1065.48
MAC0062 United States Tyler Olson Pilot In Training 6 14.43
MAC0063 United States Joseph Doud Pilot In Training 10 19.53
MAC0081 United States Allen Woods First Officer 31 58.03
MAC0083 United States Mike Armstrong Captain 77 84.38
MAC0095 United States Bill Mattson First Officer 51 43.22
MAC0096 Canada Angus Hiscoe Pilot In Training 5 5.29
MAC0097 United States Jacob Rittenhouse First Officer 20 28.12
MAC0099 United States Richard Sheafor Captain 40 84.45
MAC0101 New Zealand Greg Gordon First Officer 48 45.27
MAC0104 United States Adam Poincon Senior Captain 96 138.38
MAC0117 United States Patrick Kimbler Pilot In Training 9 10.26
MAC0131 United States Keith Marks Pilot In Training 10 11.01
MAC0139 United States Michael Hutton Pilot In Training 3 5.07
MAC0140 United States George Fencik ATP Captain 540 886.29
MAC0145 United States Tony Petrowsky First Officer 145 356.50
MAC0156 Egypt Ahmed Saleh First Officer 83 101.32
MAC0157 United States Chris Plummer First Officer 35 36.47
MAC0166 Norway Andreas Olsen Pilot In Training 2 7.12
MAC0174 United States Doug Caron Pilot In Training 1 1.15
MAC0175 United States Scott Halverson Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0178 United States John Love Pilot In Training 8 23.57
MAC0180 United States Chris Holloman Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0189 United States Michael Schwandt Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0192 United States Isaac Whisenhunt Senior Captain 31 131.12
MAC0201 United States Baron Brown Pilot In Training 3 5.23
MAC0207 United States Anthony Geinopolos First Officer 21 50.57
MAC0220 United States James Turner Senior Captain 52 130.27
MAC0225 United States John Barefield Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0226 United States Kevin Munger First Officer 30 69.16
MAC0228 United States Dominick Krahnstoever Pilot In Training 1 1.32
MAC0230 United States Robert Tonkin Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0237 United States Zach Goforth Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0251 United States Charles Blankenship Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0258 United States Keaton Harris Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0262 United States Joe Spaulding First Officer 24 32.06
MAC0263 United States Monroe Wygal Pilot In Training 1 1.53
MAC0264 Canada Jason Hynes First Officer 17 39.45
MAC0275 United States Jay Kidder Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0276 United States Bradley Sechler Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0283 United States Charlie Clother Pilot In Training 1 3.25
MAC0284 United States Cody Remer Pilot In Training 3 8.09
MAC0286 United States Bryce Culwell Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0291 United States Trevor Meek First Officer 45 71.01
MAC0296 United States Kylen Griffin Commercial First Officer 72 178.55
MAC0298 United States Aamir Magras Pilot In Training 1 2.39
MAC0306 United States Randy Howard Captain 60 130.10
MAC0309 United States Michael Draper Pilot In Training 3 7.45
MAC0321 United States Tripp Hill Pilot In Training 1 0.20
MAC0326 United States Jonathan Weimer Pilot In Training 1 0.59
MAC0327 United States Ronald Harris Pilot In Training 6 11.47
MAC0329 United States Tony Casella Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0330 United Kingdom Sam Taylor Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0333 United States Ricky Cluff Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0337 United States Christian Smith Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0338 United States Patrick Quigley Captain 55 115.07
MAC0340 United States James Meunier Pilot In Training 7 9.18
MAC0344 United States Joe Bauco Pilot In Training 11 16.56
MAC0346 Netherlands Antilles Jozua Baker Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0348 United States Jeff Hendershot Pilot In Training 7 10.49
MAC0349 United States Tj Satterfield Pilot In Training 5 15.15
MAC0350 United States Joshua Huettig Pilot In Training 5 5.05
MAC0351 United States Paul Falco Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0352 United States Chris Kelley First Officer 80 150.45
MAC0364 United States Luke Zion Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0374 United States Joshua Tubbs Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0376 United States Salvatore Bongiovanni Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0378 United States Alec Slaby Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0380 United States Larry Clyburn Senior Captain 116 103.42
MAC0384 United States Kevin Cartwright Captain 36 83.25
MAC0392 United States Jonathan Joseph Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0394 United States Christopher Marino Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0399 United States Barrett Gilham Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0404 United States Paul Henry Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0406 United States Cole Arthur Senior Captain 148 327.48
MAC0414 United States Robby Bryan Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0422 New Zealand Brian Garbutt Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0423 United States Sidney Schwartz Pilot In Training 14 23.50
MAC0424 United States Andy Gall Pilot In Training 9 21.51
MAC0449 United States Albert Horvath Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0453 United States Doug Dever Pilot In Training 4 7.58
MAC0456 United States Loyd Allen Pilot In Training 5 5.18
MAC0465 United States Dallas Power Pilot In Training 0 0.00

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