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CYQT Information

Hub ICAO: CYQT Airport Name: Thunder Bay International Airport CYQT
Latitude: 48.3719 Longtitude: -89.3239


CYQT Statistics

Number of Pilots: 31
Number of Flights Flown: 12
Number of Routes Flown From CYQT: 101
Total Miles Flown: 5018nm
Total Hours Flown: 18
Total Fuel Used: 18812lbs

Pilot Roster for CYQT

PID Name Rank Flights Hours
MAC0011 Canada Pat Leclerc ATP First Officer 230 592.15
MAC0012 United States Jerry Hayman Senior Captain 70 140.48
MAC0014 United States Tom Taylor Commercial Captain 138 506.22
MAC0146 United States Ken Chamberlain Senior Captain 42 102.59
MAC0152 United States Bob Mitchell First Officer 16 31.40
MAC0154 Canada Adam Van Breda Pilot In Training 18 58.47
MAC0159 United States Thomas Harrison Pilot In Training 8 28.31
MAC0185 United States Dallas Powell Pilot In Training 4 5.33
MAC0191 United States Chandler Street First Officer 46 87.40
MAC0195 United States Matthew McMahon First Officer 13 40.47
MAC0205 Canada Niklas Schmidt-Roycroft Commercial Captain 126 383.20
MAC0206 Canada Jaden Bos Commercial Captain 59 306.36
MAC0208 United States Philip Johnson Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0213 United States George King Commercial Captain 49 352.23
MAC0233 United Kingdom Antony Fobister Pilot In Training 4 7.05
MAC0235 United States Tim Robertson Captain 42 79.01
MAC0238 Canada Pete Desjardins Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0247 Canada Clayton McRichie Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0250 United States Mycko Sanchez Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0266 Canada Trisaunt Gentles Pilot In Training 7 18.21
MAC0278 United States Steve Horn First Officer 102 150.36
MAC0302 United States Justin Grimm Pilot In Training 4 6.27
MAC0303 Canada Shivam Patel Pilot In Training 1 5.03
MAC0308 United States Mo Smna Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0311 United States Jacob Aubertin Pilot In Training 9 18.50
MAC0317 United States Quahiem Daniels Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0322 United States Alvin Artis Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0331 United States Sean Bush Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0336 Antigua And Barbuda Calvin Richards Pilot In Training 0 0.00
MAC0345 Canada Keffelew Assefa Pilot In Training 0 0.00

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