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Posted by Eric Grindstaff on 01/11/2018







Destination Airport- LIRN
Naples International Airport
Division: Open Division

Howdy Pilots, for this month's Destination, you will be once again flying across the Atlantic, to one of the oldest continuously-inhabited urban areas in the world, and the third-largest municipality in Italy.
Naples International Airport, located in the Capodichino district of Naples, is one of the largest airports in southern Italy. It first hosted flight activities in 1910, and was built up by World War I as a defense against German and Austro-Hungarian air forces. During WWII, The US 12th Air Force used it as first a combat base, then as a major hub for cargo, aircraft, and personnel.
The airport opened for commercial traffic starting in 1950.The airport has a single runway, 06/24, that is shared by 140 flights a day (on average). Due to it's location in the city, both approaches offer fantastic views, as well as a 3.50 degree glideslope.
For more information, check out the forum post located Here.

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HST191948George FencikOYAAOIIDC-4706.48.11-41.52 ft/m Pending
MACUSA-113Larry ClyburnKTUSKRNO737-70001.51.17-140.72 ft/m Accepted
CHR10859Richard BakerPHLIKSFO737-80004.42.39-87.66 ft/m Accepted
CRGFDX5355Aristotelis KretsisKIYKKONTCESSNA 208C00.48.24-129.95 ft/m Accepted
CRGFDX5617Aristotelis KretsisKALBKRUTCESSNA 208C00.33.13-202.23 ft/m Accepted
MACKWI-107Brian SpidleNZCHNZHKGA LIGHT AIR00.44.05-426.77 ft/m Accepted
CRGFDX5621Aristotelis KretsisKEWRKALBCESSNA 208C01.00.53-198.39 ft/m Accepted
CHR10864Matt HillLPPRLPPT737-80000.57.49-159.94 ft/m Accepted
HSTF50-162Pat LeclercESSAESMQDASH 8-40001.01.00-238.37 ft/m Accepted
HSTF50-162Peter GoodmanESSAESMQFOKKER 5001.02.21-309.89 ft/m Accepted

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