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Posted by Ken Chamberlain on 01/03/2019

March DotM!

Airport- LXGB
Gibraltar International Airport
Division: Open

Howdy folks! I hope you all had a great mini vacation in the French Alps, this month you'll be heading just a little bit further south, to the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula. You won't be headed to Spain, however, as Gibraltar is actually a British Overseas Territory.
The tiny peninsula of Gibraltar was given to Great Britain in 1713, as part of the Peace of Utrecht which was signed to end the War of the Spanish Succession. This history has caused some major tension however, as Spain has tried to retake the area by force in 1727, and again from 1779-1783. To this day, Spain maintains a claim to Gibraltar, although the current position seems to have softened a bit.
The airport itself is located on the isthmus connecting Gibraltar to the rest of Spain, and is claimed to be annexed from the original Treaty of Utrecht. It was formally opened in 1939, as an emergency Royal Navy airfield, on neutral territory occupied by British army barracks. Due to the small overall size of Gibraltar, the famous Rock Of Gibraltar, and the political issues listed above, this is a rather tricky airport to land at. Winston Churchill Avenue runs directly across the runway, as the runway is actually wider than the isthmus. Plans to build a bypass tunnel have been submitted, although construction has not been completed. The Rock can produce some rather strong turbulence effects, and due to airspace restrictions, a hard right turn may be required on approach to the airport- think the old Hong Kong Kai Tak runway 13 approach.


For more infomation, see the forum post Here.

Can't see the forum post? Check this message from Greg J, MacAir COO:

REGISTER FOR THE MACAIR FORUMS. NO PIREPS SHALL BE APPROVED NOR DIVISION APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED WITHOUT A MACAIR FORUM PROFILE! The only option to receive information on MacAir Events, Schedule changes, support for your sim, site support, etc. is via the forums. Pilots without a forum registration will have their profiles removed without notice (including hours, progress, etc.) during our monthly roster cleanup.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
CRGDLH224Pat LeclercCYYZKATLMD-11 FREIGH02.26.09-337.57 ft/m Pending
MACAAL1063Steven NagyKSFOKDFW737-80003.18.14-595.93 ft/m Accepted
HSTIPT-114Garo SoghomonianCYPYCYHYDC-301.02.17-28.45 ft/m Accepted
HSTIPT-113Garo SoghomonianCYPECYPYDC-301.22.02-29.99 ft/m Accepted
MACATX158Don GessellsKAZCKPGAGA LIGHT AIR00.44.29-187.62 ft/m Accepted
MACDLH1411Niklas Schmidt-RoycroftEDDMEDDFA32100.51.21-185.32 ft/m Accepted
MACGRC-171Steve FramptonLGKCLGZAGA LIGHT AIR01.30.41-157.63 ft/m Accepted
MACGRC-161Garo SoghomonianLGKPLGKSBN-2 ISLANDE00.06.33-8.46 ft/m Accepted
MACGRC-160Garo SoghomonianLGLELGKPBN-2 ISLANDE00.49.47-10.77 ft/m Accepted
MACDAL3735Larry ClyburnKLGAKBGREMBRAER 17501.29.08-432.92 ft/m Accepted

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