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Posted by Ken Chamberlain on 22/05/2019


Airport- MMPB
Hermanos Serdan International Airport
Division: Open

Well, folks, it's May! One of the dates that's always thought of in May is the 5th of May, more commonly know as "Cinco de Mayo", a day of celebration of Mexican and Latin American culture.
But what IS Cinco de Mayo? Some people think it's Mexico's day of independence, but it's not (September 16th is Mexico's independence day, and is the most important national holiday in Mexico). Cinco de Mayo commemorates an important battle, the Battle of Puebla, May 5th 1862. At this battle, a small force of Mexican soldiers successfully defended against a much larger, and better equipped, French military force. This was a major boost to morale for the Mexican army, and slowed the advance of the French forces. Some historians posit that this war marked the last time that a European power has invaded any country in the Americas, and claim that if the Battle of Puebla had not happened, France would have aided the Confederacy during the American Civil War. However, the French finally took the city, during the Siege of Puebla, in March of 1863.
Puebla Airport is located about 15 miles northwest of the two forts, Fort Loreto and Fort Guadalupe, where the battle took place. The airport is also considered a part of the Mexico City metro airport system. One of the weather advisories for MMPB includes volcanic ash- as it is about 20 miles from Popocatépetl, an active volcano.

For more information, see the forum post located HERE.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
HST747GLBL30Richard BakerHKJKHECA747-40004.22.21-27.68 ft/m Pending
MACUK-GA12Beau RiceEGPIEGEYGA LIGHT AIR00.24.28-126.11 ft/m Pending
HSTIRON-204George FencikSBCTSAEZ757-20002.05.32-118.42 ft/m Accepted
MACUK-GA11Beau RiceEGPFEGPIGA LIGHT AIR00.46.48-123.03 ft/m Accepted
CHR11542Richard BakerHUENHKJKDASH 602.47.31-135.33 ft/m Accepted
MACUK-GA10Beau RiceEGPKEGPFGA LIGHT AIR00.41.53-66.9 ft/m Accepted
MACDAL6823Loyd AllenKBQKKATL737-80000.45.14-124.57 ft/m Accepted
MACGRC-174Peter GoodmanLGKRLGAVGA LIGHT AIR01.33.53-167.63 ft/m Accepted
MACUAL6586Kevin CrouchPHNLKSFO777-20004.55.10-126.88 ft/m Accepted
CHR11543David WileyKAIDKINDKODIAK QUEST00.17.49-18.45 ft/m Accepted

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Beau has chosen flight MACUK-GA14 departing from EGEI arriving at EGPO,and will be flying a GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1)

Beau has chosen flight MACUK-GA13 departing from EGEY arriving at EGEI,and will be flying a GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1)

Steven has chosen flight MACBAW305 departing from EGKK arriving at EHAM,and will be flying a A320 (BAW-A320)

Steven has chosen flight MACBAW263 departing from EGKK arriving at LIPZ,and will be flying a A320 (BAW-A320)

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