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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/02/2021

DotM February 2021


Airport: KDAL – Love Field

Division: Open


Valentine’s Day is soon approaching which means love is in the air…. All of it needs to come down somewhere, so what better place to land at than Love Field in Dallas, TX? 


Just a simple commercial flight this month.  Since Love Field is the main hub for Southwest Airlines you’ll find plenty of routes to get you here.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACJAPAR103Gary BrooksRJCHRJSMMOONEY M2000.46.12-22.3 ft/m Pending
MACJAPAR103Norman SwansonRJCHRJSMC206 STATION00.39.04-13.07 ft/m Pending
MACANZ-142Adam PoinconYPADYMML737-70001.33.15-159.17 ft/m Pending
PROATP1-102Joacim OlssonRJTTVHHH777-20004.17.11-273 ft/m Pending
MACALM-181Steve KightlingerSBVTSBPSCESSNA 208 C01.18.34-25.38 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-180Steve KightlingerSBESSBVTCESSNA 208 C01.09.08-84.58 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-179Steve KightlingerSBGRSBESCESSNA 208 C01.12.00-46.91 ft/m Accepted
MACSWZL15Albert ZielnikLFSBLSGNGA LIGHT AIR00.25.14-117.65 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-178Steve KightlingerSBCTSBGRCESSNA 208 C01.05.31-26.14 ft/m Accepted
MACSWZL14Albert ZielnikLSGELFSBGA LIGHT AIR00.27.21-112.27 ft/m Accepted

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Gary BrooksUnited States
Albert ZielnikUnited Kingdom
Oscar OrtegaUnited States
Norman SwansonUnited States
Richard BakerUnited States

Recent Bids

Gary has chosen flight MACJAPAR109 departing from RJAF arriving at RJNA,and will be flying a C206 STATION (CNA-C206)

Gary has chosen flight MACJAPAR108 departing from RJTY arriving at RJAF,and will be flying a C206 STATION (CNA-C206)

Gary has chosen flight MACJAPAR107 departing from RJTU arriving at RJTY,and will be flying a C206 STATION (CNA-C206)

Gary has chosen flight MACJAPAR106 departing from RJSN arriving at RJTU,and will be flying a C206 STATION (CNA-C206)

Recent Activity

MAC0446 Gary Brooks has filed a PIREP from RJCH to RJSM View Flight Report

MAC0257 Norman Swanson has filed a PIREP from RJCH to RJSM View Flight Report

MAC0564 Adam Poincon has filed a PIREP from YPAD to YMML View Flight Report

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