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Posted by Eric Grindstaff on 25/03/2018




We hope you all find a good VA home here at Millennium Aviation Company!


We have many Events, Tours and Fly-in's going on to keep you busy. Just take a look at the forums for more info.


As a new member your first action should be to read through our pilot POH which you received upon joining. You can also find this extremely helpful and important document in our Downloads Center under the Resources tab on the MacAir homepage as well as the  "Important Pilot Documents" forum. (link below)


In that same forum you can also check the airframe substitution charts for each flight to insure you are using an acceptable substitute, if you plan to use a different airframe other than what the schedule calls for. You can find the sub charts as well as other important pilot documents in our, you guessed it, "Important Pilot Documents" forum, located here:


Remember to download our flight tracking software, MACARS, in order to file your completed flights. This application will also allow you to perform multiple landings, set your pax and cargo amounts and even pause your sim at your chosen distance from destination. Specific info on the use of MACARS' features can be found here:


With a video tutorial from Captain Mac, our CEO and my MacAir founding partner, located here:


If you have any questions or need support of any kind, please visit our extensive support forums located at the bottom of the MacAir forum homepage.


**NEW SWISS HUB NOW AVAILABLE!! LSZH Zurich is now available for your home hub use. If you'd like to be transferred please contact the MacAir MHO, Greg Joyner, and request a transfer.**






Well folks, This month, you'll be headed off to an archipelago in the southwest Indian ocean. These islands were formed by the Réunion hotspot approximately 35 million years ago; however the oldest still exsisting island, Mauritus, is around 7-10 million years old.

You'll be flying into Mahébourg on the south eastern coast, once a major port on the island, until the French chose Port Louis to be their new administrative center. This small city was founded by the Dutch and was also used by the French (until they moved in 1735).  Mahébourg is now a major local trade spot, and includes the Historical Naval Museum, which has highlights of the battles between the French Navy and the Royal Navy.
The airport is named for Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, a politian and statesman who was one of the major leaders for Mauritian Independance. It has a new terminal which opened in 2013. It's design is remenicsient of a Ravenala madagascariensis, commonly called a traveller's palm. The terminal has 5 gates, one of which is capable of handling the large A380. It is also designed to be enviromentally friendly, with solar panels, rain water recovery systems, and thermo-insulated facades, which reduce heat gain.
For more info, check out the forum post located HERE

Brought to you by Ken C. - DoTM Manager



Due to the enormous amount of edits needed to replace our schedules database, the total replacement is on hold for the moment. I'm working on them as quickly as I can and will notify everyone when the new schedules are ready.
In the meantime, please feel free to apply to and use the Charter Division. 
Thank you from the MacAir staff.


We wish you safe flights and above all...have fun!

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MAC1027Rama LahoriKJFKKCLT737-80001.34.35-108.42 ft/m Pending
MAC142308Niklas Schmidt-RoycroftVOBLWSSS777-20004.13.38-102.27 ft/m Pending
HSTEVT-118Tony LettoralePAGAPANCCURTISS C-4601.46.40-412.16 ft/m Accepted
CHR10013Daniel WallPAKNPADGC17205.38.39-36.91 ft/m Accepted
MAC135173Kevin CrouchEIDWLEGE737-80002.13.29-295.28 ft/m Pending
MACCLX150Corey MallonKDFWKIAH747-400 FREI01.19.26-275.28 ft/m Pending
HSTEVT-117Tony LettoralePANCPAGACURTISS C-4601.42.07-175.32 ft/m Accepted
MAC1011Tom LorenzKORDKBOS737-80002.22.41-429.84 ft/m Accepted
MAC100140Niklas Schmidt-RoycroftVOTVVOBLA32001.01.25-106.11 ft/m Accepted
MAC80695Niklas Schmidt-RoycroftVRMMVOTVDASH 8-30001.23.4016.15 ft/m Accepted

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Dominique has chosen flight CHR10017 departing from KARA arriving at KIAH,and will be flying a MU-2B-60 MAR (N-2151D)

Jerry has chosen flight CHR10016 departing from KAUS arriving at CYVR,and will be flying a B787-800 (UAL-B787)

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