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Posted by Pat Leclerc on 13/11/2019

DoTM Nov 2019

This months destination is Talkeetna, Alaska.
Talkeetna Airport
From wiki;
'Talkeetna began in 1916 when the area was chosen as a district headquarters for the Alaska Railroad. A post office opened as well as a sawmill, trading post, cigar and donkey store and other businesses as well as many cabins.Today flightseeing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing and hunting make up a large portion of the local economy. Talkeetna is a 2½-hour drive from Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska.'
The airport is home to at least seven air taxi operations, and is very busy during tourist season because of its proximity to Denali.
Thanks Matt for putting this together for us and have fun flying there guys.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACUSA-121Richard BakerKTULKGBD737-70000.53.15-154.56 ft/m Accepted
CHR11470Sylvain MateoFACTFHSHA31904.30.09-216 ft/m Accepted
PROATP2-118Joacim OlssonDNMMDAAT727-20002.33.50-195 ft/m Accepted
MACATX205Rick PeabodyKLKRKHVSGA LIGHT AIR00.12.32-248.37 ft/m Accepted
CHR11911Ian BuchananPAFAPATKS55001.01.29-145.33 ft/m Accepted
CHR11910Garo SoghomonianCYCECYTR737-70000.33.24-20.76 ft/m Accepted
MACLEB-119Gary BrooksLEZGLEBLMOONEY M2001.00.08-23.07 ft/m Accepted
MACLEB-119Norman SwansonLEZGLEBLPIPER PA-3100.54.31-86.89 ft/m Accepted
MACACA825Isaac WhisenhuntEGLLCYYC777-20004.20.44-322.96 ft/m Accepted
MACLEB-118Gary BrooksLEBBLEZGMOONEY M2000.56.50-37.68 ft/m Accepted

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Richard has chosen flight MACUSA-124 departing from KFSD arriving at KGFK,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Richard has chosen flight MACUSA-123 departing from KBFF arriving at KFSD,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Richard has chosen flight MACUSA-122 departing from KGBD arriving at KBFF,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

Adam has chosen flight MACBAW5 departing from EGLL arriving at EGCC,and will be flying a A319 (BAW-A319)

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MAC0183 Richard Baker has filed a PIREP from KTUL to KGBD View Flight Report

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