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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 02/08/2020

DotM August 2020



Airport- HUEN

Entebbe International Airport

Division: Open / Cargo


In trying to decide where to take us this month, I looked at the history of DOTM flights.  We have never flown to the African continent.  It is time to remedy that so you’ll be flying to Uganda.  There are plenty of open flights going there, but cargo flights will again be accepted this month.


More information on the location and airport can be found here:

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Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
CHR12305Steve KightlingerKINDKMSYEMBRAER 17002.35.17-157.63 ft/m Pending
CHR12307George KingKIADKDFWEMBRAER 17503.00.20-295.28 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGATX112Gary BrooksKACTK00RMOONEY M2000.52.27-23.84 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGATX112Norman SwansonKACTK00RPIPER PA-3100.51.17-52.29 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGATX111Gary BrooksKCLLKACTMOONEY M2000.43.05-33.83 ft/m Accepted
MACUSGATX111Norman SwansonKCLLKACTPIPER PA-3100.36.30-102.27 ft/m Accepted
MACAAL3201Steve KightlingerKORDKINDEMBRAER 17001.07.42-81.51 ft/m Accepted
CHR12304George KingKMSPKIADEMBRAER 17502.40.17-45.37 ft/m Accepted
MACNAX260Igor DoksasEKCHLYBEA32002.11.56-181.47 ft/m Accepted
MACAWE2868Jim SimsKABQKPHXCRJ-20000.57.39-237.6 ft/m Accepted

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Micah HohneyUnited States
Igor DoksasSerbia
Steve KightlingerUnited States
Jerry HaymanUnited States
Pat LeclercCanada
George KingUnited States

Recent Bids

George has chosen flight CHR12308 departing from KDFW arriving at KONT,and will be flying a EMBRAER 175 (AWE-E175)

Igor has chosen flight MACDLH500 departing from LYBE arriving at EDDF,and will be flying a A320 (DLH-A320)

Steve has chosen flight MACAAL4157 departing from KMIA arriving at KIND,and will be flying a EMBRAER 170 (AAL-E170)

Steve has chosen flight MACAAL3580 departing from KIND arriving at KMIA,and will be flying a EMBRAER 170 (AAL-E170)

Recent Activity

MAC0124 Steve Kightlinger has filed a PIREP from KIND to KMSY View Flight Report

MAC0213 George King has filed a PIREP from KIAD to KDFW View Flight Report

MAC0446 Gary Brooks has filed a PIREP from KACT to K00R View Flight Report

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