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Total Airline Hours: 30,533
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Posted by Pat Leclerc on 01/12/2019

DoTM Dec 2019

We’ve been flying around the world the whole year and I think we deserve a nice break.

So this month, we’re sending you back home to your family so you can enjoy some down time and recharge your batteries with your family and friends.

For December, fly to your home airport…big or small.

Make sure the LEG is at let 100nm or 60 min flight. You can fly big, small, slow or fast planes from any Division. Make it a happy flight

Airport: Home airport

Division: Any

Aircraft: Any

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACSWA1015Larry ClyburnKMDWKBHM737-70001.31.31-188.39 ft/m Pending
MACSWZL4Marcus CarlssonLSGSLSZAGA LIGHT AIR01.01.50-163 ft/m Pending
MACPOE1Pat LeclercCYTZCYOWDASH 8-40000.55.30-80.74 ft/m Pending
MACNEP-129Ahmed SalehVNSKVNDGGA LIGHT AIR00.40.46-272.98 ft/m Accepted
MACCRB-111Rick PeabodyMDSDMDPCGA LIGHT AIR00.21.40-124.57 ft/m Accepted
MACCRB-110Rick PeabodyMBPVMDSD737-80000.49.20-307.58 ft/m Accepted
CHR11940Joacim OlssonPATKCYRBBEECH 35005.47.02-232 ft/m Accepted
CHR11946Matt HillEGBBEGMCRJ-8500.52.31-99.96 ft/m Accepted
MACCOA1035Adam PoinconKEWRKBUFDASH 8-40001.39.24-590.55 ft/m Accepted
MACUAL3996Adam PoinconKBOSKEWR737-80001.19.06-581.32 ft/m Accepted

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Micah HohneyUnited States
George KingUnited States
Ahmed SalehEgypt
Larry ClyburnUnited States
Rama LahoriUnited States
Steve KightlingerUnited States
Pat LeclercCanada
Gary BrooksUnited States

Recent Bids

Rama has chosen flight MACUAL13424 departing from KIAH arriving at KABQ,and will be flying a EMBRAER 170 (UAL-E170)

Pat has chosen flight CHR11948 departing from CYUL arriving at CYTA,and will be flying a BEECH LIGHT (AIE-BEC)

Joacim has chosen flight CHR11947 departing from CYRB arriving at BIIS,and will be flying a BEECH 350 (NPVT-448B)

Gary has chosen flight MACALSKTOR-44 departing from PANW arriving at PANO,and will be flying a KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000)

Recent Activity

MAC0380 Larry Clyburn has filed a PIREP from KMDW to KBHM View Flight Report

MAC0514 Marcus Carlsson has filed a PIREP from LSGS to LSZA View Flight Report

MAC0011 Pat Leclerc has filed a PIREP from CYTZ to CYOW View Flight Report

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