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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/12/2020

DotM December 2020


December 2020 - DEPARTURE of the Month

Airport- EDDT: Berlin – Tegel International Airport

Division: Open


Tegel was the primary airport to serve the previously isolated/divided city of Berlin.  On 8 November 2020, it shut its doors with a final flight departing for Paris, symbolic in that Paris to Berlin was the first commercial flight to this airport 60 years ago. 


Tegel shared the spotlight as a player of the Berlin Airlift alongside its sister airport at Tempelhof, which closed in 2008.  Tegel was the last of the WW2 aerodromes to operate within city limits.


Instead of a destination, this month will be a Departure of the Month.  Your logged PIREP flight must originate from EDDT.


Tegel had a rich history with plenty to write about, so if you want to learn more, please go here....


Sicher Flugen!

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACALM-199Norman SwansonTFFFTAPAC206 STATION01.15.45-48.44 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-199Gary BrooksTFFFTAPAC206 STATION01.15.48-30.76 ft/m Accepted
CRGDLH708Richard BakerKSEAKLAXMD-11 FREIGH02.30.34-165.32 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-198Norman SwansonTVSVTFFFC206 STATION00.48.49-6.15 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-198Gary BrooksTVSVTFFFC206 STATION00.44.16-17.69 ft/m Accepted
CHR12468Michael SchmittSBGLSCEL747-400 FREI04.33.18-225.3 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-197Norman SwansonTTPPTVSVC206 STATION01.06.58-13.84 ft/m Accepted
MACALM-197Gary BrooksTTPPTVSVC206 STATION01.11.06-41.52 ft/m Accepted
CRGGTI35Captain MacSKBOKMIA747-8 FREIGH03.22.59-143.02 ft/m Accepted
MACSAS31Joris ZatloukalEDDTEKCHA32100.59.45-52 ft/m Accepted

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Gary has chosen flight MACALM-203 departing from MDPP arriving at MBPV,and will be flying a CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208)

Gary has chosen flight MACALM-202 departing from MDLR arriving at MDPP,and will be flying a CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208)

Gary has chosen flight MACALM-201 departing from TISX arriving at MDLR,and will be flying a CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208)

Gary has chosen flight MACALM-200 departing from TAPA arriving at TISX,and will be flying a CESSNA 208 C (MAC-C208)

Recent Activity

MAC0257 Norman Swanson has filed a PIREP from TFFF to TAPA View Flight Report

MAC0446 Gary Brooks has filed a PIREP from TFFF to TAPA View Flight Report

MAC0183 Richard Baker has filed a PIREP from KSEA to KLAX View Flight Report

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