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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 04/12/2021

Dotm December 2021

NOTAM: JUN 5 2021

Hello MacAir, as some may have already noticed. The website may be "missing" a few things you are used to seeing. This was done intentionally.

Steve K. has worked very hard on providing an amazing event in celebration of our anniversary.  To ensure we keep the integrity of the event intact we have removed the list of completed pending pireps for the public to see.

We realized that it is possible for pilots to see trends in submitted pireps and discover the location of the event. This will have no affect on your ability to submit pireps and have them accepted in a timely manner.

I appreciate everyone understanding. I will take this opportunity to thank Steve K. again for putting it all together and hope everyone participates.


MacAir COO 

Joe A.


December DoTM  

Airport- TFFJ  Gustaf III Airport; Saint Barthelemy

Division: Open


The History Channel documentary Most Extreme Airports ranks this airport the third most dangerous in the world behind Toncontin in Honduras and Lukla in Nepal.


It is situated on the beautiful yet hilly Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy.  The primary runway for takeoff and landing is RWY 10, measuring very short at only 2,120 feet.  Landing requires a very steep descent over a hill right at the runway’s threshold, flying mere feet above a traffic circle.  The opposite end of the runway sits right on Saint Jean Beach.  Most aircraft that land here are small and nimble like the Pilatus PC-12, the Cessna 208, the DHC-6 Twin Otter, the BN-2 Islander, etc.  The largest airplane allowed to operate here is the Dehavilland Dash 7.


Most flights come from the nearby islands, which is also true looking in the open schedules.  There are many options to choose from so have at it.


Just be sure to take a Prozac or Zoloft before making your approach, and don’t touchdown too late or you’ll be swimming in the Bay of St. Jean.




Leg # 4 – 2MW cutoff date = 31 Jan 22


1. This airport’s city sits on a large lake bearing its name, although it’s not the lake’s official name.


2. There is a race track near the airport that rams objects together at high speed.  It is also where “Triple W” came from.


3. The airport has one hard runway.  It wasn’t long enough for modern jet aircraft so the owning country actually ‘traded’ land with a neighbor in order to build the runway to its current length.

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