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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 02/06/2021

DotM / NOTAM June 2021


NOTAM: JUN 5 2021

Hello MacAir, as some may have already noticed. The website may be "missing" a few things you are used to seeing. This was done intentionally.


Steve K. has worked very hard on providing an amazing event in celebration of our anniversary.  To insure we keep the integrity of the event intact we have removed the list of completed pending pireps for the public to see.


We realized that it is possible for pilots to see trends in submitted pireps and discover the location of the event. This will have no affect on your ability to submit pireps and have them accepted in a timely manner.


I appreciate everyone understanding. I will take this opportunity to thank Steve K. again putting it all together and hope everyone participates.


MacAir COO 

Joe A.



Airport- LFPB Le Bourget Airport, Paris, France

Division: Pilot’s Choice


Last year we put on a virtual air show at Farnborough paying tribute to the final event staged at that location, which unfortunately was cancelled in real life due to the pandemic.  This year it’s time to take the show to Paris for their odd numbered year air show which began in 1909.  Once again this will be a virtual show only as the pandemic has cancelled the real event at Le Bourget as well.


Unlike last year when we flew in almost anything, we’ll simply make this one a GA fly-in as there are plenty of “holographic” displays for us to partake and enjoy once we’re on the ground.  Create your own GA flight getting there but please adhere to the 100nm minimum rule.


The airport has 4 runways (3 operational IRL) and all four are on different headings. 



The event is now live and the first clue is posted below... it's time to get those brain cells going and start chasing down Captain Mac....

Leg #1 –  2MW cutoff date  =  31 Jul 21


REMINDER - the starting point for Leg #1 is from your HOME airport.


Clues to your first destination

1. This airport’s city is sometimes called the city of a hundred lakes, its most well-known being a water-filled sinkhole measuring 80 foot deep.

2. Derogatorily… sometimes the locals refer to their city as “The Land of the Big Black Rat.”

3. The airport was once a military installation called Pinecastle and then McCoy.

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