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Pilots: 58
Total Airline Hours: 31,257
Flights: 14,072
Flights Today: 2
Miles Flown: 9,774,292
Aircraft: 3224
Passengers: 1,034,213
Routes: 211061

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Posted by Pat Leclerc on 02/02/2020

DoTM Feb 2020

Feburary 2020 DoTM is now posted, go have a look

Good evening pilots, 
On FEB 23 2020 at 1100hrs EST , I will be holding a open forum meeting for all the pilots of MacAir. The topics of discussion will be : 
1. Update on issues with website. 
2. Discord updates
3. Update to awards system to reflect flight time accrued
4. Message from CEO Captain Mac. 
The meeting will be held here in the discord voice chat room. ALL pilots are encouraged to attend. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to get together and talk about what MacAir is doing well and what we need to improve on.  I hope to be able to see you all. 

MacAir COO
Joe A 

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACATX187David WileyRCKWRCKHKODIAK QUEST00.19.30-39.22 ft/m Accepted
MACNKS335Micah HohneyKDFWKORDA32002.15.47-318.34 ft/m Accepted
MACATX186David WileyRCLYRCKWKODIAK QUEST00.15.44-38.45 ft/m Accepted
MACATX185David WileyRCGIRCLYKODIAK QUEST00.14.55-29.22 ft/m Accepted
MACATX184David WileyRCFNRCGIKODIAK QUEST00.10.19-39.99 ft/m Accepted
MACAAL2480Greg JoynerKORDKFWAERJ-14000.51.01-62.28 ft/m Accepted
MACATX183David WileyRCYURCFNKODIAK QUEST00.28.02-15.38 ft/m Accepted
MACATX182David WileyRCSSRCYUKODIAK QUEST00.25.23-29.99 ft/m Accepted
MACATX181David WileyRCTPRCSSKODIAK QUEST00.10.54-1.54 ft/m Accepted
MACF1-101Joseph AndujarVIDPYMML747-400 FREI11.44.00-539.8 ft/m Accepted

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David WileyUnited States

Recent Bids

Gilles has chosen flight MACALSKTOR-40 departing from PARS arriving at PAMO,and will be flying a KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000)

Gilles has chosen flight MACALSKTOR-39 departing from PANV arriving at PARS,and will be flying a KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000)

Gilles has chosen flight MACALSKTOR-38 departing from PAKV arriving at PANV,and will be flying a KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000)

Gilles has chosen flight MACALSKTOR-37 departing from PFKU arriving at PAKV,and will be flying a KODIAK QUEST (KODI-G1000)

Recent Activity

MAC0457 David Wiley has filed a PIREP from RCKW to RCKH View Flight Report

MAC0451 Micah Hohney has filed a PIREP from KDFW to KORD View Flight Report

MAC0457 David Wiley has filed a PIREP from RCLY to RCKW View Flight Report

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