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Posted by Pat Leclerc on 01/04/2020

DoTM April 2020

Airport- LOWZ
Zell am See Airport, Austria
Division: Any
For this month's DoTM, we're going to AuStria, Zell am See Airport to be exact. With 3 Runways to choose from, combined with high terrain all around should make the aproach interesting.
Rwy 08/26 2180ft long, Asphalt, 
Rwy 08C/26C 2004 ft long, Grass
Rwy 08R/26L 970 ft long, Grass
Go check it out HERE

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACNASCR36Randy HowardKGYRKTMBA31903.55.36-376.02 ft/m Pending
MACVDA4Steve KightlingerUNKLUUDDA12405.37.11-103.81 ft/m Accepted
MACQWS-116Ronald HoganLIRFEHAM737-90002.08.15-96.89 ft/m Accepted
MACNASCR35Randy HowardKAFWKGYRCRJ-70002.47.33-335.26 ft/m Accepted
MACVDA9Steve KightlingerUNKLZBTJA12404.44.51-73.05 ft/m Accepted
MACGRC-157Chris CarpenterLGKOLGPLGA LIGHT AIR00.19.45-206.85 ft/m Accepted
MACUK-GA23Joacim OlssonEGNTEGXCYAK-5201.18.41-158 ft/m Accepted
CHR12094Joseph AndujarPAFAEDDFB787-80008.03.25-367.56 ft/m Accepted
MACSQH49David SillenceKYKMKPDXCESSNA LIGHT01.14.56-154.56 ft/m Accepted
MACUK-GA22Joacim OlssonEGPHEGNTGA LIGHT AIR00.45.11-32 ft/m Accepted

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Joseph has chosen flight CHR12095 departing from KEWR arriving at KRSW,and will be flying a B787-800 (UAL-B787)

Chris has chosen flight MACAUA34 departing from LSZH arriving at LOWW,and will be flying a A319 (AUA-A319)

Ian has chosen flight MACNEP-120 departing from VNLK arriving at VNKT,and will be flying a GA LIGHT AIR (GA-NH6A1)

Pat has chosen flight MACACA415 departing from PANC arriving at CYVR,and will be flying a A320 (ACA-A320)

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PRO0477 Randy Howard has filed a PIREP from KGYR to KTMB View Flight Report

MAC0124 Steve Kightlinger has filed a PIREP from UNKL to UUDD View Flight Report

MAC0527 Ronald Hogan has filed a PIREP from LIRF to EHAM View Flight Report

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