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Posted by Eric Grindstaff on 11/11/2017




We hope you all find a good VA home here at Millennium Aviation Company!


We have many Events, Tours and Fly-in's going on to keep you busy. Just take a look at the forums for more info.


As a new member your first action should be to read through our pilot POH which you received upon joining. You can also find this extremely helpful and important document in our Downloads Center under the Resources tab on the MacAir homepage as well as the  "Important Pilot Documents" forum. (link below)


In that same forum you can also check the airframe substitution charts for each flight to insure you are using an acceptable substitute, if you plan to use a different airframe other than what the schedule calls for. You can find the sub charts as well as other important pilot documents in our, you guessed it, "Important Pilot Documents" forum, located here:


It also a very good idea to plan your fuel for each flight accordingly to prevent excess fuel remaining onboard at your destination. MacAir has virtual expenses and even though the fuel isn't used, we still pay for it.

You can find some great fuel and flight planning sites and other info in the "Fuel and Flight Planning" forum located here:


Remember to download our flight tracking software, MACARS, in order to file your completed flights. This application will also allow you to perform multiple landings, set your pax and cargo amounts and even pause your sim at your chosen distance from destination. Specific info on the use of MACARS' features can be found here:


With a video tutorial from Captain Mac, our CEO and my MacAir founding partner, located here:


If you have any questions or need support of any kind, please visit our extensive support forums located at the bottom of the MacAir forum homepage.


We wish you safe flights and above all...have fun!


Eric G.

MacAir COO

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MAC120803Tyler SefferinoKVRBKMCOCESSNA 208 C01.04.36-103.04 ft/m Pending
MACRPLLTOR16Michael PessalanoZUUUZPPPA32001.19.07-250.68 ft/m Pending
HSTEJT6-103Greg JoynerKATLKMEMMD-10-3001.08.49-390.63 ft/m Accepted
HST191942Norman SwansonGLMRDGTKC-4703.48.30-144.56 ft/m Accepted
MACCRB-129Ron GregoryTGPYTTCPGA LIGHT AIR00.38.25-43.06 ft/m Accepted
MACRPLLTOR15Michael PessalanoZBAAZUUUA32002.25.11-299.12 ft/m Accepted
MAC94804Joseph HarpSVMISBGR737-80006.09.27-329.11 ft/m Accepted
MACLEB-105Greg JoynerGCFVGCLPGA LIGHT AIR00.35.35-66.9 ft/m Accepted
MAC22236Sylvain MateoVHHHNZAA777-20010.18.10-479 ft/m Accepted
MACCANTOR17Richard BakerCYXYCYYDDASH 8-40001.45.21-69.97 ft/m Accepted

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Ken ChamberlainUnited States

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Norman has chosen flight HST191943 departing from DGTK arriving at DNKN,and will be flying a C-47 (USN-R4D8Z)

Tarek has chosen flight MAC148006 departing from KBWI arriving at KDEN,and will be flying a 737-700 (SWA-B737)

George has chosen flight MACB77-139 departing from KPHL arriving at KSFO,and will be flying a 777-200 (UAL-B772)

George has chosen flight MACB77-138 departing from SVMI arriving at KPHL,and will be flying a 777-200 (UAL-B772)

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MAC0243 Tyler Sefferino has filed a PIREP from KVRB to KMCO View Flight Report

MAC0056 Michael Pessalano has filed a PIREP from ZUUU to ZPPP View Flight Report

MAC0114 Greg Joyner has filed a PIREP from KATL to KMEM View Flight Report

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