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Posted by Steve Kightlinger on 01/03/2023

NOTAM & DotM March 2023



Matt Davies was a well known personality in the flight simulation community. Few, if any, are not aware of his videos on flight simulation, his sometimes infamous live streams, and his ongoing desire to make the flight simulation community a better place for all. I knew Matt personally,  though we weren't close, and had many opportunities to discuss the state of the flight sim community, up and coming addons, modifications and hopes for the future. Matt was a straightforward man who wasn't afraid to be honest with you, and it was a quality I admired in him. As many of you are aware, on March 7th of 2023, Matt passed away. Whether you knew him or not, you will no doubt experience a part of what he left behind for the community. He will be sorely missed. 


We here at MacAir wish to honor his memory and show our gratitude for everything he has contributed to our community. MacAir, it's staff and pilots, like all virtual airlines, are an intimate part of the flight simulation community that Matt worked so hard to make better. There is a memorial flight scheduled in Matt's honor that I would encourage all MacAir pilots to attend if you are available. 


When: Saturday 15th of April 2023 from 2pm Zulu (0900 EST)

Where: From Manchester (EGCC) Or Liverpool (EGGP) To any destination of your choice (I recommend MacAir designate a single departure and arrival, and we can all fly as a group. I would also like to organize a departing missing man formation with whoever would like to participate.)

Who: Anyone is welcome, we hope to have as much ATC online as possible.

What: Any aircraft or platform of your choice, if on Vatsim please make sure the aircraft you are flying can comply with their rules and regulations

If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please join us in honoring the memory of Matt Davies. 




Mar 2023 DotM

Airport: YPPH – Perth Airport, Australia

Division: Open / Cargo


Perth Airport serves the capital of Western Australia, and is the fourth busiest Australian airport in terms of passenger movements.  Its roots originated around 1940 as a military-only field (RAAF Station Guildford), but began increased civilian usage in 1944 as modern aircraft could not utilize the existing Marylands grass field.


The airport’s largest growth spurt occurred between 2000 and 2012 at the height of the area’s mining boom.  While the mining aspect has waned a bit the traffic in and out of Perth has remained consistent, drawing complaints from many residents in the flight path of increased traffic noise.  Today Perth is serviced by 34 scheduled airlines flying to over 50 destinations, with about 1250 domestic flights and 215 international flights each week.

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
MACASA4Iain SloanKSEAKSFO737-90002.43.27-165.32 ft/m Accepted
MACBER212Richard BakerLPMAGCRR737-80001.04.18-95.35 ft/m Accepted
CRGMGP105Ajay ChaudhariEGNXSANT747-40013.57.35-156.87 ft/m Rejected
MACUSA-126Captain MacKBJIKCID737-7001.150 ft/m Accepted
MACASL130Michael SchmittLYBELGTSA31901.03.44-335.26 ft/m Accepted
MACA33TOR-113Kevin CrouchRCKHUHPPA330-30005.48-105 ft/m Accepted
MACBER342David SillenceLFSBLICAA32001.56.10-387.55 ft/m Accepted
CRGMGP104Ajay ChaudhariVIDPEGNX747-40011.43.55-158.4 ft/m Accepted
MACUSA-156Christopher SettleKBTRKAUS737-70001.13-142 ft/m Accepted
HSTEJT6-102Captain MacKMEMKATLMD-10-3000.43-354 ft/m Accepted

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Christopher SettleUnited States

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Michael has chosen flight CHR13345 departing from LGSR arriving at LLBG,and will be flying a A320 (AEE-A320)

Michael has chosen flight MACAEE25 departing from LGTS arriving at LGSR,and will be flying a A319 (AEE-A319)

Christopher has chosen flight MACNAO50 departing from EDDP arriving at KBGR,and will be flying a 767-300 (NAO-B763)

Christopher has chosen flight MACDLH1946 departing from EDDL arriving at EDDP,and will be flying a CRJ-700 (DLH-CRJ7)

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MAC0637 Iain Sloan has filed a PIREP from KSEA to KSFO View Flight Report

MAC0183 Richard Baker has filed a PIREP from LPMA to GCRR View Flight Report

MAC0620 Ajay Chaudhari has filed a PIREP from EGNX to SANT View Flight Report

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